David’s story “Beauty Always Wins” appeared in the 2015 Fall edition of the Corner Club Press:

Issue 18, Volume 4, Autumn

Changming Yuan Autumn Evening
Morgan Bazilian Faith
Adam Middleton-Watts Unfed Words
Lana Bella
1. I can go home again to the dark palette
2. Short of Instincts
Kurt Schuett Bulkhead Doors
Allison Grayhurst Enslaved
Sommer Cullingford The Bewitching Hour
Murielle Telfort Hope
Sherman Scott Longing Days
Mariah E. Wilson Impressions: Not for Art Nor Prayer
Carolyn Nims Good Night America
Sierra Donahue Here’s the Church, Here’s the Steeple
David Hicks Beauty Always Wins
Tracey Levine Her Blue Hair
Dorian DeWeerd Familiar
Robert Hansen Limbo
Brandon Mc Ivor The King of the Dead
Tiffany Wang The Lost Boy
Jennifer McKenzie-Hutchison Final Verse
Khanh Ha The General is Sleeping

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