Hey, I’ve got more good news!

(Wait, are you reading this first? This is Part 2. Go back immediately to the “Blog” tab and read Part 1!)

So here it is: That “big novel” I’ve been working on for years, the EPIC STORY about The Demise of the American Empire as Told Through the Eyes of a Waiter in Yonkers, a.k.a. my greatest accomplishment to date (or perhaps my greatest failure!), a.k.a. nothing less than The Great American Novel I tell ya, a.k.a. the book that used to be 170,000 words long but is now 99,999 words long (since my agent told me it needs to be under 100,000 words or no publisher would take it), a.k.a. my literary mainstream novel about a hardworking waiter whose life is shattered by a series of infidelities and tragedies both personal and national, that novel, THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO DANNY that is, is under contract and being published next year (May 2025) by Vine Leaves Press.

I’m revising the final version now (that book cover you’re looking at is not the real cover but just a mock-up placeholder created by my web-savvy friend Paul), but I’m already gearing up for the book tour next year. I’d love to visit your book club, be interviewed on your podcast, visit your classroom, or give a reading at a bookstore, café, or pub near you. Email me to set something up!


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