David’s newest story, “Higher Laws,” was a finalist in Glimmer Train’s 2012 Fiction Open, with over a thousand submissions.

A complete list of the finalists below:

Glimmer Train’s September 2012 Fiction Open

1st-place: Doug Lawson for “The Mushroom Hunter”
2nd-place: Meghan Kenny for “Heartbreak Hotel”
3rd-place: Andrew MacDonald for “Four Minutes”

Rest of the Top 25, listed in alphabetical order:

  • Philip Asaph for “Working with Sunshine”
  • Gregg Cusick for “Orestes, Maine”
  • Julia Diamond for “In Her Mother’s House”
  • Katherine Govier for “Settlement House”
  • David Hicks for “Higher Laws”
  • Len Joy for “Friday Night at Jake’s”
  • Hester Kaplan for “This Is Your Last Swim”
  • Victoria Kelly for “Prayers of an American Wife”
  • Michele Lovell for “In Some Other Language”
  • Terrance Manning, Jr. for “Andretti in the El Camino”
  • Andrew McCuaig for “The New World”
  • Mary Morrissy for “The Habits of Ice”
  • Kent Nelson for “My Crazy Father”
  • Rebekah Pickard for “Pray Down the Rain”
  • Jackie Thomas-Kennedy for “Exchanges”
  • Melanie Rae Thon for “Jackrabbit, Lizard, Rattlesnake, Saguaro”
  • Aaron Tillman for “The Cross-Eyed Monkey Cabaret”
  • Martha Toll for “New York Avenue Presbyterian Church”
  • Siamak Vossoughi for “You Don’t Leave”
  • Jonathan Wei for “Whole New World”
  • Kim Winternheimer for “The Art and Science of Growing Back Your Arm”
  • Sandra Worsham for “With Urgency for Time”