Summer Off

By |2017-07-11T18:02:05-06:00November 22nd, 2014|Blog|

Well, it’s winter already, isn’t it? That wasn’t much of a fall, as lovely as it was. So I’m doing what I usually do, which is to mentally hunker down, keeping busy, trying not to [...]

Try, Try Again

By |2017-07-11T18:02:06-06:00November 13th, 2014|Blog|

Whenever I would read about someone publishing a book for the first time, the narrative went something like this: “I worked for years on the book, but once I got an agent, it was just [...]

Yard Work

By |2015-09-23T16:22:02-06:00July 9th, 2014|Blog|

After living in the mountains (where there is no such thing as “yard work”) for years, and then in a 600-square-foot condo (where our HOA fees paid for the tiny-yard work and shoveling), Cynthia and [...]

Teen Angels

By |2017-07-11T18:02:07-06:00March 19th, 2014|Blog|

Admit it: I say “teenagers,” and a part of you recoils in horror. They smell weird. They have zits. They have epic mood swings based on incidental events—an exchanged glance in the high-school hallway, a [...]

Hyphen Envy

By |2017-07-11T18:02:07-06:00January 12th, 2014|Blog|

It’s not as if I were an immigrant and a part of me was Mexican or French or Ghanaian while the other part of me was American and culturally my ancestral homeland and my adopted [...]

Perfect Timing

By |2017-07-11T18:02:08-06:00September 24th, 2013|Blog|

(A guest blog written for my friend Lauree Ostrofsky at Simply Leap.) I’ve been an English professor for 30 years, and let me tell you, it’s a great way to make a living. I love [...]

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