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David Hicks

David is the author of the debut novel, White Plains, which will be published by Conundrum Press in 2017. Excerpts from the novel have been published as short stories in Glimmer Train, Colorado Review, Specs, Saranac Review, and South Dakota Review, along with other stellar journals.

David lives in Colorado with his wife, the poet Cynthia Kolanowski, with children Stephen and Caitlin nearby, and is a professor at Regis University, where he also co-directs the Mile-High MFA program. He is represented by Victoria Skurnick of the Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency.


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The Author’s Blog

507, 2015

In Omaggio a Mamma

Yesterday I was driving with Cynthia, trying to figure out whether the temperature gauge on the car was called a thermometer or a thermostat, and I had this thought: if the English language is still tricky for me, and I have a PhD in it, [...]

1905, 2015

Sports Fanaticism: or, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Yesterday, the Colorado Rockies lost their eleventh game in a row and are cemented in last place. It’s May. We’ve got 130 games to go. Last spring, I was stunned when  Vegas oddsmakers listed the 2014 Rockies’ over/under (for total number of wins) as 76 [...]

204, 2015

Reading My Contemporaries

As a professor of early American Literature, I read a lot, but mostly DWG (Dead White Guy) Lit. In the good old Colonial days (fun times!), native stories were rarely recorded, it was illegal to teach slaves to read and write, and women were discouraged [...]

“He shivered violently, noting the water’s depth, its darkness. But he kept going, with smooth, careful breast strokes, the icy water bathing his body. He imagined the cells of his skin hydrating and awakening.”


White Plains


White Plains has been acquired by Conundrum Press and will be published in 2017. To keep up with news about David’s debut novel and the dates and locations of his book tour, join his newsletter at the bottom of this page. To invite him for a reading, or for a visit to your classroom or book club, go to Contact.

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On White Plains:

“…[a] glowing set of stories, a book that reads like late night messages sent from a friend.”


“What happens when a man risks everything in search of a real home and big love? David Hicks shares the answer in White Plains, a thrilling and thoughtful take on what it means to live life to its fullest.”